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Over the course of the next several months, we will need your help in a number of ways. That might include testing new designs, providing feedback, writing about why prospective students should consider Merrimack, or even tweeting pictures of your adventures during school breaks.

The most important thing for us to do in these early stages is gather the stories and pictures that help to tell the real Merrimack story. We'll start with the stories.

You can use the form below to suggest stories that the Web team should know about. Did you have a great experience in a Merrimack class? Do you have a friend, a colleague, a student, or a professor who's doing something excellent? We want to know about it.

The things you send won't show up on the website immediately— rather, they'll go into our great big database of Merrimack awesomeness that will fortify our design mockups and provide a foundation for what will be a very large-scale content collection effort once the site launches. But once we've got several submissions, we'll start showing you the things we're getting.

Just fill out the form to get started! And to see submissions as they come in, check out the Submitted Stories and Images page.

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